15 October 2018

Midterm Meetings & Pre-Registration

  • Midterm meetings: Monday October 29 – Friday November 9
  • Deadline pre-registration Spring 2019: Thursday November 15
  • Deadline preregistration Science laboratory course: Friday, November 2 at 17:00.  
  • Note: Please upload a picture to your OSIRIS profile page if you have not done so yet. This will facilitate written midterm performance feedback from your instructors in Osiris. The feedback will be visible for you and your tutor.

Dear UCU Students,

You've probably noticed that midterm is approaching. At UCU, midterm means it's time to schedule a midterm self-evaluation meeting with your tutor, and to get ready to pre-register for courses in the coming term.

Midterm Meetings

Meetings will be scheduled in the weeks after midterm break, during the period Monday October 29 – Friday November 9. Midterm meetings pre-empt all tutors’ regular office hours in this period.

You should hear from your tutor about how to sign up for a midterm meeting, if you haven't already. During your midterm meeting, you and your tutor will discuss your academic progress this semester, consider your curriculum, and identify courses for upcoming semesters.

Prepare for the meeting by completing the appropriate Midterm Academic Reflections Form. Please download the midterm form appropriate to your semester/status at UCU, and complete it to submit to your tutor according to his/her instructions.

The form provides an opportunity to reflect on your work habits and performance, to remark on your courses and other aspects of your experience this semester, and to consider your plans for your future at UCU and beyond. 

If you are a visiting exchange student at UCU please note that the midterm meetings are also aimed at you. You will find a separate ‘Visiting Exchange Students’ form using the link above.


In order to pre-register for courses for next semester, you must discuss your course preferences with your tutor during your midterm meeting. When you pre-register, your name is placed on the waiting list for the course. Course placement cannot be guaranteed during pre-registration. Your tutor will therefore also discuss alternative preferences with you, in case one or more of your first preferences cannot be accommodated.

Pre-registration assures that your preferences can be considered by the registration committee before the current semester ends.

Course descriptions, including information about pre-requisites and performance requirements, appear in the UU online Course Planner (select University College)

There will be a few new courses offered in spring which are not listed in the course planner yet. However you can expect an email from "UCU Curriculum" with updates about that in the coming week.

Spring Semester

For UCU courses offered in the Spring semester, use the following search terms in the UU Course Planner:

Academic Year = 2018-2019 (currently default)
Teaching Period = 3

The pre-registration period for Spring closes on Thursday, November 15. Preferences for Spring courses that are submitted to your tutor after this date may not be considered until the final registration round, two weeks before classes begin.

Due to class size limits and the large number of still unconfirmed time slots, places in courses cannot be guaranteed during pre-registration. The registration committee will allocate and confirm 70% of places in the courses for which time slots are known by Friday December 14, 2018.

This offers a substantial proportion of students some measure of certainty about Spring course enrollment as holidays begin. The remaining 30% of places will be allocated to the students who remain on the waiting list when registration is finalized, two weeks before spring classes begin.

Find general info about course registration and placement.

Winter (January) Term

For UCU courses offered in the winter term, search in the UU Course Planner:

Academic Year = 2018-2019
Teaching Period = 2

The pre-registration period for winter term – specifically, for SCI lab modules – ends on Friday, November 2 at 17:00.  Be sure to schedule your midterm meeting before this date if you are interested in taking a SCI lab modules in the winter term.

Specific Considerations

First Year Students/Class of 2021

  • A requirement that must be completed in your first year is the ‘breadth’ requirement (minimum 7.5 ECTS – one full course – each in the HUM, SCI and SSC departments).
  • Major declarations are to be made no later than the end of your second semester.
  • Exchange applications (with curriculum plan) will be due Friday November 16, 2018.

Second Year Students/Class of 2020

  • A requirement that must be completed no later than your fourth semester is the language and culture requirement.
  • If you are a science major or interdepartmental major with science included, at least one mathematical skills course must be completed with a C- or higher no later than your 4th semester.
  • Exchange applications (with curriculum plan)  will be due November 16, 2018.

Third Year Students/Class of 2019

  • Students planning a fall thesis must choose the disciplinary field for their thesis by the end of the pre-registration period.
  • Find an overview of the thesis registration procedure.

For specific information about degree requirements, please see the rules and regulations for your cohort.

On behalf of all the tutors, good luck to with the busy midterm period. Enjoy the break week!

Warm regards,
Patricia Post-Nievelstein
Head Tutor