Microsoft Teams desktop application for Linux to be phased out

The Teams desktop application for Linux will be phased out by Microsoft in early December. As a replacement, the Teams Progressive Web App (PWA) has recently been offered.

The PWA has much more functionality than the old Linux desktop application, making it close to the Windows desktop application. Functionalities like virtually raising your hand or customising your background have been available to Windows users for a long time and the same is now true for Linux users. Microsoft says that through the PWA, they can make future new functionalities available to Linux users much sooner from now on.

Note. If the Teams PWA is not intensively used during the day and is only open in the background, you may need to log back into Teams more often. With the old Teams desktop application, this was not necessary. If this disrupts the user experience, the alternative is to switch more to using the mobile apps on smartphone or tablet.