1 September 2016

Michael Burke to become new Honours Dean

Prof.dr. Michael Burke is to become Honours Dean of Utrecht University with effect from September 1st, 2016. He is the successor of prof.dr. Rob van der Vaart, who has been Honours Dean since 2012 and is retiring.

Michael Burke (1964) has been connected to University College Roosevelt (UCR) since 2004 as Director of Research and Director of Undergraduate Research. In addition, since 2012, he has been Professor of Rhetoric at the Humanities Faculty of Utrecht University. The Executive Board has appointed Prof. Burke on account of his vision of honours education and his personal enthusiasm and drive.

As Honours Dean, Prof. Burke will oversee the further development of the honours education programmes for a period of four years. He will focus on further strengthening and developing the honours programmes in the bachelor and expanding the honours options for master students. For example, he will consolidate and add to the interdisciplinary honours programmes by founding the Honours College and initiating the pilot Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars.


More information

Kim Zunderdorp, policy advisor education, 030-253 22 35, k.zunderdorp@uu.nl