13 June 2017

Meeting to prepare new members of councils for their job

More than hundred recently elected members of the University Council, Faculty Councils and Consultative Bodies assemble in the Administration building on 9 June for a meeting to prepare them for their job. At first rector magnificus Bert van der Zwaan welcomes them: “A well organised and qualitative dissenting opinion proves very helpful to every board.” After that Leon van de Zande, general director of the Corporate Offices, explains the structure of the university and the governance process. Subsequently, those present can choose from a variety of workshops. From ‘How to reach the students and employees’ to ‘Tricks of the governor’.

After the break the subject is how the euros are divided within the university and what role the employee and student participation plays in this matter. First, from the university perspective by Michel de Bekker, director of Finance, Control and Administration, and then from the perspective of every faculty or service department. Every director or controller of a faculty or service department discusses  with its own councillors and prepares them for the first difficult job in September: the budget.

The day is finished with the option to consult the present councillors about actualities and an adequate transfer. During the drinks it turns out that those present show signs of weariness because of all the information they have heard, but they look forward to the coming council year.