3 November 2016

Matching one of the subjects on agenda University Council and Executive Board

U-raad 2016-2017

On 8 November the University Council has its second meeting of this academic year with the Executive Board. This time the Executive Board asks the council for agreement on bringing up to date the BBR (governance and management regulations) and for advice on the rules about matching and the university tuition fees. Do you want to visit the meeting of the University Council with the Executive Board? And hear what they discuss? Come to room 033 G in the meeting centre in the Administration Building from 15.00 till 17.00 hours on the 8th of November.

Subjects of the meeting

  • Bring the BBR (governance and management regulations) up to date (for agreement): updating the texts of the Wet op het Hoger onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk onderzoek (Law on Higher education and scientic research), the lists with studies and the first agreements that where made in connection with the Wet versterking bestuurskracht (Law on reinforcement of administrative power) where it involves the bigger influence of the representative bodies on the appointment of board members
  • Rules on matching 2017-2018 (for advice): every year the rules on matching are determined for the next academic year. The most important proposed changes have to do with the changes in the law, especially the abolition of the numerus fixus in academic year 2017-2018
  • University tuition fees (for advice): advice about the amount of the university tuition fees and the increased legal tuition fee of UCU

Also have a look at the Teamsite (log in with Solis-id and password).

For whom?

All students and employees of the UU can be present during the meeting with the Executive Board. You can listen but not participate in the meeting. This way you can hear what’s going on and how the University Council represents your interests. You can also contact a council member before the meeting in order to discuss one of the subjects on the agenda.

Report on website

Are you not able to attend the meeting? After the meeting you can find a report on this website. Also take a look on the Facebook page of the University Council.

Meeting schedule

The University Council has six meetings a year with the Executive Board. All 24 members (12 staff and 12 student members) are present. Take a look at the meeting schedule (in Dutch only).