Maranke Wieringa wins Diversity & Inclusion Award 2022

Maranke Wieringa
Maranke Wieringa (photo: Ivar Pel)

On Friday 25 March, the Diversity & Inclusion Award 2022 was presented by Diversity Dean Janneke Plantenga to Maranke Wieringa, PhD student in Humanities for their contribution to awareness about inclusion and ableism. The other two contenders for the award were Hamed Noori and Kinan Alajak.

The Diversity & Inclusion Award 2022 was presented during a festive ceremony at the University Hall. It was one of the many activities that took place in the context of the Diversity month March. This year, the committee received eight nominations. All were of very high quality, according to Janneke Plantenga. The members of the jury were Marieke de Bakker, John de Wit, Aylin Kurtkaya and Brigitte Prieshof. All three nominees contribute in their own way to greater inclusion at the university.

Winner Maranke Wieringa is one of the founders and driving forces behind the inter-university platform Accessible Academia. The platform draws attention to the obstacles encountered by disabled academics and students at universities and provides a space for discussing these experiences. In addition, Maranke works with the platform to improve the position of disabled staff and students at universities.