3 May 2019

LEG Faculty Council 2019-2020 Elections

These are the student candidates for the Faculty Council of Law, Economics and Governance 2019-2020 elections!

Students LEG can vote for one of the candidates from Monday, 20 May up to and including Wednesday, 22 May.

There are five student parties and more candidates than seats which means there will be elections. Every student from the Faculty of LEG is free to choose any candidate, no matter what department you’re from. 

There are no seats left at U.S.E. The candidates from list ECU’92 are all elected, as there are as many seats as candidates at U.S.E. The elected students for U.S.E. are:

1. Frogh, E.A.

2. Boland, N.M.

3. Arenthals, W.M. van

You can vote any candidate you want, even if you are a student at the U.S.E. department. So, use your democratic right and vote!


Do you want more information about the elections? Please contact Margje van den Brink, secretary to the Electoral Committee of LEG, m.l.vandenbrink@uu.nl.


These are the 2019-2020 candidates:

Lijst USBO

District Bestuur & Organisatie (Governance)

  1. Rosenmöller, F.
  2. Wasbauer, H.M.
  3. Smit, F.P.

Lijst De Vrije Student (DVS)

District Bestuur & Organisatie (Governance)

  1. Wijnands, S.J.M.R.
  2. Ponssen, T.S.
  3. Kelderman, S.E.H.
  4. Oude Alink, V.P.R.
  5. Warrink, J.
  6. Lustenhouwer, J.M.

Lijst ECU'92

District Economie (Economics)

  1. Frogh, E.A. – verkozen
  2. Boland, N.M. – verkozen
  3. Arenthals, W.M. van  - verkozen

Lijst JSVU

District Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law)

  1. Venema, R.B.
  2. Oostveen, L.N. van
  3. Malgie, A.A.
  4. Passer, L.J.C.
  5. Kolkman, C.M.P.

Lijst VUUR

District Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law)

  1. Kok, D.W.
  2. Prins, N.M.
  3. Ouchan, F.