Late enrolment days for period 3 2022-2023

The late enrolment days for Period 3 courses are 23 and 24 Janaury 2023. Late enrolment must be done via Osiris student and is only possible for those courses with remaining places.

Enrolment start: 00.00 a.m. on Monday 23 January 2023
Enrolment close: 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday 24 January 2023

Please see the students website for the list of courses with available places. Please note: the displayed number of available places are not updated during the late enrolment days. 

Course repeater
If you are a course repeater for the courses Macroeconomics, an European perspective (ECB1MACR) or Statistics (ECB1STAT) please send an email to the Student Information Desk (, with your student number and the repeater course you want to be enrolled for. Only emails which are sent on 23 and 24 January 2023 will be taken into consideration.

Please note
(1) Only emails which are sent on 23 and 24 January 2023 will be taken into consideration.
(2) With the registration for the courses your total registration will not exceed 22,5  ECTS for this period.
(3) Late enrolment dates and times might vary for courses of other faculties/programmes (this includes the minor courses).

If you decide not to follow a course, you are expected to disenrol. You can do this up until the first two weeks of the period via Osiris student. If you do not disenroll and do not follow the course, you will receive a ‘Did not participate’ in Osiris. If you wish to take this course in a following academic year, you will automatically be assigned to repeaters courses.

Technical problems
Should you have any technical problems, please email the Student Information Desk during the late enrolment days as soon as possible ( Please ensure that you have proof of this problem (i.e., a printscreen). The Student Desk can also be reached by phone on these days on +31(0)30 253 4283 (between 10:00 - 12:00 and 14.00 - 15.00).


Available places

ECB1MACR: Macro 1: European Perspective

Ample number of places

ECB1STAT: Statistics

Moderate number of places

ECB2ECE: Economics of Entrepreneurship


ECB2EUL: European Union Law


ECB2INTE: Macro 2C: Trade and Multinationals

Moderate number of places

ECB2MFIEP: Market Failures, Inst. & Economic Policy


ECB2MKT: Marketing

Limited number of places

ECB2PR: Introduction to R

Moderate number of places, minor students only

ECB2VWIS: Advanced Mathematics

Moderate number of places

ECB3AA: Advanced Accounting


ECB3CEI: Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation


ECB3DMRSS: Doing Multidisciplinary Research

Moderate number of places, only for minor students

ECB3DSL: Data Science Lab For Economists

Ample number of places, only for minor students

ECB3GD: Macro 3B: Development and Growth

Limited number of places

ECB3IFMIB: International Financial Management

Limited number of places

ECB3ME: Microeconomics of Financial Markets


ECB3MTP: Monetary Theory and Policy

Moderate number of places

ECB3RE: Law and Economics

Limited number of places, only for minor students

ECHCEC: Current Economic Challenges

Moderate number of places, only for honours students