Larger supermarket in USP feasible

There is sufficient market space for a larger full-service supermarket in the Utrecht Science Park (USP). This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by Utrecht University. The study examined the feasibility of a full-service supermarket intended primarily for the target group in the USP: a 'basket supermarket', without car accessibility.

The development of the Archimedeskwartier in Rijnsweerd, where a supermarket is also in the plans, does not stand in the way of the development of a supermarket in the USP. This conclusion was also drawn in the study commissioned by Kondor Wessels Projects, the developer of the Archimedes Quarter.

Full-fledged supermarket in the USP

The development of a full-fledged larger supermarket in the USP will be included in the future development of the Martinus J. Langeveld building. This development is planned for 2032. As the university recognises the need for a larger supermarket with a cheaper range in the USP, a solution is being sought for the coming years.

This solution should come from a feasibility study examining the expansion of the current supermarket. The study will examine various options in the USP where a larger supermarket can be realised temporarily. The location study will be completed this year.