Keeping track of all your courses in Blackboard

The number of Blackboard courses grows over the years to the point where you lose track. There is a simple way to limit the number of courses in your 'My Courses' module in Blackboard to only those you need at that time.

Here's how to adjust it

  • Log in to Blackboard
  • Hover your mouse over 'My Courses', a settings wheel will appear:

  • Click on that wheel and tick 'Group by Term'.
  • Click 'Submit

Collapse courses

Next, you can collapse and unfold teaching periods with the grey triangles.

Make courses invisible

If you no longer want to see a certain course period in 'My Courses', you can uncheck it by clicking the settings wheel again and simply uncheck the course period under 'Show Term'. If you still want to see the courses from that period at a later time, you can simply tick that course period again: