18 February 2019

TransDisciplinary Research Exchange

Join our exchange programme with Hong Kong University


Would you like to participate in a research exchange between Utrecht University and the University of Hong Kong? You will stay in both Hong Kong and Utrecht for a week and work in small interdisciplinary groups. You and your fellow students, from both universities, will do research on rethinking the city through a contemporary lens of your own choice. Examples from previous years are sustainability, refugees, digitalization, health, civil unrest, etc.

During the research stays in Hong Kong and Utrecht you will speak to academics and artists who work with these issues and visit different sites. In the end all groups will make a short film that reflects the research.

Are you interested in an interdisciplinary and intercultural honours experience that includes a visit to the most vibrant city on the planet (=Hong Kong), then join us!

Deadline of application

22nd of February 2019

For whom?

For ALL Honours students from Utrecht University

How many? 

Altogether ten students from Utrecht, ten from Hong Kong.

When are we travelling?

We go there the second week of April (reflectieweek), they come here the last week of May/first week of June. 


University pays for the travel and stay, you are asked to add 300 euro. Food and transportation in Hong Kong is paid for by the students themselves (which is not expensive).


Send a cv, a short letter of interest and a 150-word bio to: dr. Rick Dolphijn who is organizing the exchange.

Dr. Rick Dolphijn, r.dolphijn@uu.nl

Associate professor Utrecht University

Honorary professor Hong Kong