24 October 2016

ISB 2016: You can help us increase the response rate

On Monday 24 October 2016, nearly 3,000 international students will receive an invitation from the Executive Board to complete the 2016 International Student Barometer (ISB). The International Student Barometer is initiated by the international research institute I-graduate. The ISB is the leading worldwide survey among international students and focuses on their  satisfaction levels and assessment of Utrecht University. The survey aims at newcomers as well as students who have been working towards their graduation for a longer time. The survey will be open until November 8.

Utrecht University strives towards a diverse and international community of staff and students. That’s why it’s important that international staff and students are given proper support and guidance and feel at home here. The outcomes of the International Student Barometer provide us with an insight into the university’s international perspective and help us to improve the international students’ specific programmes and study environment.

All UU students who fall within the VSNU definition will receive an e-mail invitation in their UU mailbox on Monday 24 October with a link to the ISB. Twenty-five UU-store vouchers worth 30 euro each will be raffled among  the respondents. We expect the outcomes to become available in January 2017. Check back here for the results. For more information about the ISB, please check the I-graduate website.