9 February 2018

Invitation: Networking afternoon Unhindered Studying at UU and HU?

Moving into lodgings for the first time, going out with friends, meeting new people and discovering what your passion actually is. Student life is challenging and requires a lot of energy. As a student with a disability, you often get additional challenges. Attending classes, giving presentations or having exams: these are activities that do not always come naturally to these students. You could sometimes do with a little help in all that. During the network afternoon on Thursday 15 march for and by students, you can listen to the experiences of fellow students, ask your questions and think along on policies to support students with disabilities.

Programme 15 March

13:00 Entry
13:30 Welcome speech by Annetje Ottow, Vice-President of the UU Executive Board
13:45 The story of Moniek Schoenmaker, Project Manager of Sustainability at Rabobank and a student of Geosciences at UU before that
Moniek Schoenmaker
14:00 The story of Soete Meertens, student of Biology at UU
Soete Meertens
14:15 What do you think can be improved? Presentation of the results of the research among students at UU and HU by UU students Richard Horenberg and Marieke ter Hoeven, among other people
14:45 Break with coffee and tea
15:15 Workshops:
1. How to present yourself at the job market?
By Rutger-Jan Scholtens, career advisor and trainer at UU career services and Moniek Schoenmaker
2. How to make a fun student life (lodgings, going out, jobs)?
By Roos Hoelen, SOLGU (Stedelijk Overleg Lichamelijk Gehandicapten Utrecht)
3. How to progress through your degree programme without any problems and what do you need for that?
By: student platform onbeperktstuderen@uu.nl
16:30 Closure and propositions of the student platform Unhindered Studying
By Richard Horenberg, Coordinator of the platform, Marieke de Bakker, Head of Student Counselling UU and Wichert Duijvendak, Director of Education, Research and Student Affairs HU
17:00 After talk with drinks
17:30 End of programme

For and by whom?

The networking afternoon is organised by Utrecht University, the student platform onbeperktstuderen@uu.nl, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the SOLGU (www.solgu.nl).
The meeting is intended for students at UU and HU. You can forward the invitation to students you know and who might want to participate too. There are some seats available for employees who are in contact with students who have disabilities, such as Study Advisors and Student Counsellors.

How to apply

You can apply for the meeting by completing this form. You also indicate there which workshop you prefer to attend.
If you need any facilities, that can be indicated there as well. We try to accommodate that need. Apply as quickly as possible, and not later than 1 March of this year.

More information

Please go to our website or email the student platform Unhindered Studying via onbeperktstuderen@uu.nl.