Introducing: a purple student website as part of Purple Friday

screenshots van de paarse accenten op de website

To mark Purple Friday, we added some purple touches to the student site today.

On the student website homepage, we added a purple frame around the search bar. All the other pages offer a purple border on top of the menu bar as well as a purple feedback button. Feel free to join us on on Purple Friday by wearing something purple today!

Purple photo booth

You can have your picture taken all day in the purple photobooth at the top of the stairs in the Koningsberger building (Utrecht Science Park). If you post your photo on instagram with the hashtag #purplefridayUU, you have a chance to win a 50 euro voucher for the best photo. There will also be a bake sale at the same location

Purple Friday

Every second Friday in December we celebrate Purple Friday in order to draw attention to acceptance, equality and freedom for everyone in the LGBT+ community. You can participate by wearing something purple today.

Utrecht University andequality, diversity and inclusion

We like to make everyone feel welcome and valued at Utrecht University  For this reason, in 2021 we launched our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme. For more information, visit the EDI website.

Are you looking for like-minded people? Then join the LGBTQ+ student association: U.H.S.V. ANTEROS

Advisor for inappropriate behaviour

Have you ever been the victim of inappropriate behaviour or unpleasant remarks? If so, you can always contact our confidential advisors via