Inappropriate behaviour within the faculty? There are now two contact persons

As of this year, the faculty has two contact persons for inappropriate behaviour: Jolien van der Graaff and Emmy Krooshof. Who are they, and what can they do for you?

As of this academic year, Jolien and Emmy are the first point of call for students or staff who have experienced inappropriate behaviour. They can lend a sympathetic ear and refer people to the appropriate professional (if they wish). They are not an "entry requirement" to meet with the confidential adviser, whom you can contact directly at any time. However, they can give you some ideas on what you can do – without starting a file or making any official reports.

For starters, time for some introductions.

Emmy Krooshof: contact person for inappropriate behaviour for students

Emmy Krooshof has been a lecturer for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences for a year now. “I think social security is incredibly important. Before I joined ISS as a lecturer, I was a psychologist. I expect my experience in that field will surely be useful in this position. I would very much like to be there for students.”

Jolien van der Graaff: contact person for inappropriate behaviour for staff

Jolien van der Graaff has worked at Utrecht University for 14 years now, in recent years as assistant professor at the Pedagogical Sciences programme. “I love my job, but I wanted a bit of a change of pace. That is why I started my own mediation business outside of my work at UU. The position of contact person for inappropriate behaviour is a great fit, as I am already closely tied to the university and enjoy helping people discuss things in a healthy way.” 

What is "inappropriate behaviour"?


inappropriate behaviour is an action or conduct (or the omission thereof) with physical, psychological or social consequences that are perceived as negative. Examples include harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, aggression, violence and bullying in the workplace or in an educational setting.
A more elaborate description is included in the code of conduct (pdf).

How does something affect you?

The line between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour is different for everyone. Where one person considers a joke to be a bit ill-suited, another might find it completely unacceptable. If you feel something is inappropriate, then that is reason enough to talk to someone about it.

It does not have to be about you

Jolien and Emmy's mission statement: making it easier for students and staff who are concerned about something to come and share their stories. Emmy: “And it's not just for people who are affected by inappropriate behaviour themselves, but also for people who may have just been witnesses. You might, for example, have noticed a lecturer treating a student in an unusual way.”


Even within FSBS, there are plenty of people who have had unpleasant experiences or who have witnessed someone else going through this. Often, this is not discussed at all, Jolien explains. “The survey made it clear that those situations often go unresolved – people don't discuss them. They wonder whether that particular situation – regardless of whether it happened to them or they were just witnesses – was severe enough to warrant further action. But it is our job to prevent things from escalating. Emmy and I can help you figure it out. What do you need to feel comfortable? Or maybe you need to take your story elsewhere, like the confidential adviser?”

Where one person considers a joke to be a bit ill-suited, another might find it completely unacceptable.

No gatekeepers

The contact persons for inappropriate behaviour are explicitly not gatekeepers. If you would rather go directly to the confidential adviser or a student psychologist, then you are welcome to do so – whether you talk to the contact person for inappropriate behaviour first is entirely up to you. Emmy: “We are there to listen to you, and to have a conversation. If someone wants to send an email, for example, we could help by reading it together and providing some feedback before they send it.”

Available to all demographics

The contact persons for inappropriate behaviour are an additional, approachable facility. Emmy is the contact person for students, but if you prefer to go to Jolien, that is also possible. During holidays, Jolien and Emmy will cover for one another.

Do you have something to discuss?

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