Illness during exams

Are you ill and supposed to take an exam? In that case you need to send an email to ( Notify your course coordinator about your absence as well.

Send this mail before the start of the exam. If you do this too late it may mean that special arrangements cannot be made.

On account of your illness, it is possible for you to receive a ruling for special arrangements concerning the (midterm or end term) exam you have missed. 

The time, date and specifications of such exam arrangements are determined by the Course Coordinator. These arrangements only can be provided for midterm and/or final exams. Additional or substitute tests are excluded from these arrangements. When and if the special exam arrangements are at the same time as supplementary/replacement examinations, then there is no further retake opportunity.

If you encounter a delay in your academic progress due to your illness, you are to report this to the Study Advisor as soon as possible.