28 May 2021

Humanities policy for students on travelling abroad

gezondheidscheck tentamens

On 15 May, the general negative travel advice was lifted by the government and the first travel advice was coloured green or yellow again. It is expected that more countries will receive positive travel advice in the coming months. For you, as a student, there will therefore slowly be more opportunities to go abroad for your study (internship, exchange or for example a summerschool). Now that these developments are going in the right direction, but many countries are still receiving a red or orange advice, we would like to once again draw your attention to the travel advice policy that was developed last autumn.

It is important to register 

Last year many students of the GW faculty turned out to be abroad, while we did not know that. This makes it harder for us to help you in case of emergencies. It is therefore important that you inform Osiris in advance that you will be going abroad, as long as it concerns matters relating to your study.

Positive v.s. negative travel advice 

The GW faculty's travel advice is based on the travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A positive travel advice (yellow/green) allows a student to leave, a negative travel advice (orange/red) unfortunately does not. Do you decide to travel to a country with negative travel advice? Then you will not receive any credits for the course that you may follow there! Does the travel advice change during your stay? Then the International Office will contact you. In general, the advice will be to return to the Netherlands, but the specific situation will be taken into account.

Exception requests

In some cases it is possible to obtain an exception to study abroad, including the associated credits. In general, this only concerns students who are already there (such as international students), so there will be no international travel. Do you want to submit a request for this? This can be done with the education director of your own programme.

More information and arrange it yourself

More information about the travel advice, explanations about it and the consequences + a standard form for submitting an exception request can be found on the Humanities student website.