25 March 2020

Humanities @home

Dear students of the Faculty of Humanities,

We're living in exceptional times. It's only recently that the physical colleges of block 3 were replaced by online education and testing. This week, the Executive Board will make a decision about the education in block 4. In the meantime, the library is closed, the humanities faculty buildings are closed and everyone has to study and work from home.

As a faculty board, we will not overload you with messages or newsletters during this crisis. After all, you will receive all the updates from the Executive Board. As far as general policy is concerned, the Executive Board is leading. So keep reading those messages carefully. In addition, your lecturers and the Student Information Desk, the International Office and the student advisors are the first contact persons for you when it comes to education and testing. You can read more about this below.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the creativity and flexibility you have shown so far, and for your perseverance. For example, we hear great stories about successful online lectures. But we also realize that there are students with concerns about study progress, internships or graduation research, or about family members at home and abroad. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that you too will suffer from the consequences of the coronavirus, but that applies to everyone in society, including ourselves. An admirable amount of work is being done by many employees, students and examination committees to prevent study delays as much as possible.

Student Information Desk, International Office and student advisors remain available

Although the Humanities faculty buildings are closed until further notice, we are still available to answer your questions. At https://students.uu.nl/en/hum/corona, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. This FAQ will be updated often.
The Student Information Desk, International Office and student advisors for Humanities are still here to help you, just not in person. You can reach us in the following ways:

Student Information Desk
E-mail: from 9 AM to 5 PM on working days, at studentdesk.hum@uu.nl.
WhatsApp: from 9 AM to 5 PM on working days, at 0031 6 4108 4538
Telephone: from 11 AM – 13:00 PM at 030 253 6285 
The front desk is closed until further notice.

International Office
E-mail: from 9 AM to 5 PM on working days, at internationaloffice.hum@uu.nl 
Telephone: from 11 AM – 12:30 PM and 1 PM – 3 PM on working days at 030 253 6285 (Student Information Desk – the International Office will call you back) 
The walk-in hours are cancelled until further notice.

Student advisors
Telephone: from 10 AM to 12 noon on working days at 030 253 6990 (temporary number)
Appointment: call the Student Information Desk to make an appointment. The appointment will take place via Microsoft Teams. Install the app and log on with your UU e-mail address.
E-mail: as usual. Please click your student advisor’s name on your programme’s website for their contact details.

Wellbeing trainers
Are you feeling stressed or having trouble dealing studying from home? Perhaps the Humanities Wellbeing trainers can help. They are currently developing online “intervision” groups in which you can share your experiences with fellow students. For more information, please see https://students.uu.nl/en/hum/wellbeing-trainers-humanities.  

Completion of block 3
Most students can complete block 3 through online testing. For example, of the approximately 240 courses in Humanities, there are probably only five courses of which the final assessment must be shifted to block 4. We wish everyone good luck with the exams!

Looking ahead to block 4
In a recent update of the Executive Board, we were asked to prepare mentally for education and testing in block 4: even remotely. This week the Executive Board will give a definitive answer on how block 4 will be designed. However, the government's more stringent guidelines (no meetings until 1 June) do not leave many alternatives open.

Further information for study associations
Later this week study associations will receive further information from us, via an email addressed to the boards.

The (online) life of Humanities students and employees in corona time
In this exceptional time, everyone studies at home. What is it like to study online and miss the library? And how are our teachers doing? In the humanities buildings it's completely quiet now, but enough is happening online...

Also on Instagram and Twitter employees and students of Humanities will give a glimpse into their lives in coronation time.

Want to participate?
Would you like to share your experiences, ideas or tips? Post a message on your own Twitter or Insta with #UUgotthis. Or send your experience to us via nieuws.gw@uu.nl (max. 150 words, with a picture of your home office/self).

Faculty Council
Because of the coronavirus, the faculty council meeting of 20 March could not take place in the usual way. On the website of the Faculty Council https://faculteitsraad.wp.hum.uu.nl/raadsvergadering-gw-20-maart-geannuleerd/ (in Dutch only), the council explains how it will work in the coming period.

New updates
All available information can be found on the university website https://www.uu.nl/en/organisation/practical-matters/information-coronavirus, which is constantly updated. Here you will find information that applies to all students, for example about BSA and financial problems. Keep a close eye on the website and check your mail regularly.

Finally: thank you once again for your adaptability. Keep in touch and support each other. We wish you and your loved ones health.

The Faculty Board,

Keimpe Algra (dean), Kevin Postma (student assessor), Miranda Jansen (director) Peter Schrijver (vice-dean of Bachelor’s programmes), Ted Sanders (vice-dean of Master’s programmes), Cathelijne Habets (board secretary).