23 April 2021

How to study and meet at the Humanities faculty from 26 april onwards

From 26 April onwards, we will fortunately be able to provide more education and education-related activities again. We are doing our best to ensure that most of you can come to the university once a week for an activity.

Education partly on location

Part of our education is scheduled on location. This mainly concerns work groups in which attendance and interaction are of great value. Unfortunately, students cannot all attend classes once a week, even though this has been suggested in the media. There are several reasons why this is not possible:

  • We still have to deal with the one and a half metre rule
  • All lectures remain online
  • It is not yet safe for everyone to come to the location
  • Many students are busy with an internship or thesis

Stay at home in case of complaints

If it is not safe for you for any reason, do not feel encumbered to stay at home. In block 4 you are still allowed to attend your lectures online only. This is also important for international students who are currently studying abroad.

If you unexpectedly cannot come to a location, for example because you have to go into quarantine, please report this to your lecturer or course coordinator.


From the beginning of May you can order a self-test once a week. For more information, please visit https://www.zelftestonderwijs.nl/ (in Dutch). Before coming to university you can do a self-test.

  • If you test positive, stay at home and make an appointment with the GGD.
  • If you test negative, but you do have complaints: you should also stay at home.

Making a reservation for rooms

The spaces that we have not scheduled for on-site teaching are available for other education-related activities. We decided to prioritize students for using the rooms that are still available. The buildings are set up to allow meetings to take place in a responsible manner. How does this work?

  • Student associations can reserve workgroup rooms in the Israëlslaan via the education secretariat. These rooms are intended for community activities (just like before the lockdown). There are also extra study places available at Janskerkhof 2/3a and Drift 23.
  • We have made non-scheduled teaching spaces available for students for collaboration and project spaces. You can book these via Resource Booker.
  • You can reserve individual study places in the University Library via bookings.uu.nl.
  • For extra-curricular activities, lecturers can reserve rooms in non-scheduled classrooms within our own contingent (city centre) for tutor talks, thesis supervision. Please note: this does not apply to regular education, as the timetable for education in block 4 is fixed.
  • Some graduation ceremonies take place in the Academy Building (for programmes that indicated a preference for this in the February call for proposals).
  • On our website you will find an overview of activities for students organised by Studium Generale, Parnassos, Olympos and Wellbeing.

Any corona related complaints: please stay at home

We hope it will do you good to come back to the university once in a while. We trust that this is a first step towards a normal situation. It remains important that we observe the basic rules against the spread of the coronavirus: 

  • Keep one and a half metres away.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Wear a mouth mask when moving around in the university buildings.
  • Do you have complaints? Get tested and stay at home.
  • No complaints and coming to the university? Do a self-test first as soon as there are any.

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