2 July 2020

How happy are we with coffee and the at the UU? The results!

Koffie-, frisdrank- en snoepautomaat

In november 2019, MAAS (together with the UU) conducted a customer satisfaction survey in all regions. How happy are with with the products in the vending machines, with the look and feel of them, with the service, and does the coffee and/or tea taste any good? 992  people took the time to fill in the survey. 

The most common remarks were about the taste of the coffee: too strong, too weak, bad taste. Also the cappuccino milk was rated as too sweat and the tea is too strong. Funny enough, people also asked for fresh beans. The machines, however, already have fresh beans (next too instant coffee). And although tastes differ, MAAS is willing to listen to the questions and remarks of the respondents. 

The survey also revealed the importance of sustainability for the UU employees. MAAS will therefore look for ways to reduce the use of cups. 

What's next?
Actions that will take place on short term: 
Tea: in all machines the tea will become less strong
Fresh beans: the display ont the machines will be replaced, in order to make it more obvious that there are indeed fresh beans inside the machine.
The impuls to use your own cup will be given a boost by raising the discount from 0,05 cents to 0,10 cents.