27 September 2016

Colloquium 1 – 2016/2017

How Cognitive Models can be used to inform fMRI data (and vice versa!)

About the talk

Neuroimaging data is typically highly complex, and therefore hard to fully understand. In this talk, Jelmer will first discuss how cognitive models can be used to inform fMRI analysis in the context of a multitasking experiment. At the same time, cognitive models themselves are notoriously hard to evaluate, especially based on behavioral measures alone. Neuroimaging data can provide additional constraints, but this requires a mapping from model components to brain regions. In the second part of his talk Jelmer will discuss how we can create such a mapping in a data-driven manner, and how fMRI data can subsequently be used to inform and constrain computational cognitive models.


  • When: 27 September, 17:15
  • Location: JK15A, 004
  • Speaker: Jelmer Borst, Groningen University