Higher prices for hot drinks, soft drinks and sweets

Here you can see a regular coffee machine (left) and a Coffee Station (right) from supplier Maas

Prices in supplier Maas's coffee vending machines went up at the beginning of this year. You pay 65 cents for instant coffee/tea and 1.30 euros for fresh bean coffee since 1 January. If you use your own cup, this will save you 10 cents.

Utrecht University has an agreement with Maas that the prices may be raised once a year, in January. Like many other things, coffee has become a lot more expensive worldwide. Therefore, the price change is higher than normal.

Prices for sweets and soft drinks have increased by an average of 9 per cent. Prices in Coffee Stations* (the upscale coffee machines) were increased by about 14 per cent.

*You can find the Coffee Stations in the David de Wied Building, Bestuursgebouw, Marinus Ruppert Building, Martinus J. Langeveld Building, Sjoerd Groenman Building, Jeannette Donker-Voet Building, Janskerkhof 2-3, Drift 21, and on the International Campus Utrecht in the Newton Hall and Spinoza Hall.