15 October 2020

Hey, are you sitting the right way?

Studying from home. You are present at all lectures and working groups at the push of a button. Super practical and efficient, but complaints of arm, neck and shoulders are lurking. Do you want to prevent that? That's great! The e-learning 'screen work' has been launched and is available for all UU staff and students.

Prevent physical complaints

The e-learning is intended for anyone who regularly works or studies behind a screen for work or study purposes. The e-learning takes about 30-40 minutes to complete (and well, you do that behind your screen). The content is aimed at preventing complaints and what you can do if you do have (beginning) complaints. Think, for example, of correctly setting up your workstation or adding aids such as a height-adjustment for your computer screen or a footrest.

Create a healthy and safe workplace

In addition to the e-learning, a flyer has also been made with tips and advice to create a healthy and safe screen workplace. This also includes work pressure. By the way, the best protection against the development of complaints is, not surprisingly, regular breaks and lots of exercise.

More information

This e-learning is part of a series of e-learning developed by the Safety & Environment department. Would you like to know more about this? Please contact Marloes Verkleij, m.verkleij@uu.nl.