11 October 2019

Hey, are you sitting properly at your computer?

This week is national Safety Week. Utrecht University will also be taking part by covering various safety topics throughout the week. Today we are focusing on a safe and healthy workplace.

Studying healthily also means having your office workspace set up in a way that prevents arm, neck and shoulder problems. An ergonomist can help you to set up your workspace properly.

Come speed dating with an ergonomist

Once again, speed dates with ergonomists are being arranged in the city centre today. You can still sign up for the last time slot today: Friday October 11th, 9:30-12:00! Location: JKH 2-3, room 0.03.  Sign up by e-mailing to e.vanoostrum@uu.nl. During this 10-minute appointment, you can see these experts for any questions that you have always wanted to ask on health and safety issues (such as your workspace, screens or preventing symptoms).

Already followed the introductory module ‘Safe and healthy working and studying at UU’?

Have you already followed the pilot of the introductory module on safe and healthy working and learning at Utrecht University? It went live on Tuesday. This module is intended for all staff and students at Utrecht University. The introductory module uses an interactive approach to shed light on various safety topics. The subsequent modules will focus more specifically on the different risks you might encounter in your workplace and learning environment. This way you can choose to only follow the modules that are relevant to your work or studies.

Take part and stand a chance of winning a UU gift card

Follow the pilot (duration approx. 30 minutes), complete the evaluation form and stand a chance of winning one of the 10 UU gift cards worth 25 euros.

Two additional steps are required when signing up for the pilot. Signing up will be easier after the pilot.

  1. Sign up for the course.
  2. Enter your UU email address when signing up.
  3. Then click [Proceed to course] to access the login page directly.
  4. Click the [Utrecht University] link and log in using your Solis ID.

Faculty of Science users: attention please

Staff and students at the Faculty of Science already had safety instructions via the modules. There's a refreshed version of the eLearning modules available in Blackboard