Having your period? The university is providing sanitary pads and tampons

For the upcoming while, students and staff can pick up period products if they need them. This service is being provided in five locations at the university. As Utrecht University, we think it is important that students and staff feel at ease in our buildings. Unexpectedly having your period away from home can be uncomfortable. By providing sanitary pads and tampons to students and staff, we hope to somewhat reduce this discomfort. The provision of these products occurs in blocks 3 and 4 of this academic year, and is a pilot.

How, what, where?

The period products are available in the following places:

  • In the Dining Hall of the International Campus Utrecht (ICU), there is a so-called non-food vending machine. You can buy sanitary pads or tampons at cost price there. This vending machine also contains other products such as notepads, bicycle lights and earplugs.
  • At the four FSC service points listed below, we provide one or some tampons or sanitary pads free of charge to those who need them. The service staff are aware of this.
    • Service Point University Library City Centre
    • Service Point Educatorium
    • Service Point Androclus building
    • Service Point Victor J. Koningsberger building

What do you think about this service?

The provision of these products is a pilot. That means we are testing this service in blocks 3 and 4, after which we will evaluate whether or not we will continue to do so. That is why we are interested in your opinion. Please complete the questionnaire here. Your answers will be used in the evaluation of this pilot. After the evaluation, we will decide whether or not we will continue this service.

This pilot is an initiative of Lijst VUUR of the University Council and is carried out in collaboration with the Facilities Services Centre of Utrecht University. Do you have any questions? If you do, please contact Chiara Stam (c.c.stam@uu.nl) of Lijst VUUR.