10 February 2020

Invitation integrity survey


During your bachelor study, you will become acquainted with research activities. You will, for instance, learn to write research proposals, formulate research questions and hypotheses, collect data, and to store data securely. There are also procedures how to avoid plagiarism and how to work collectively together and doing your fair share. These are all examples that are related to the topic of research integrity.

As part of a European study on research integrity, we are curious what you already know and what experiences you have with research integrity, and what you would like to know more. That is why we are conducting a survey.

The results of the questionnaire, for which data will be collected in 9 European countries, will be used to develop educational tools that can be used widely at universities and can accommodate to different study phases and disciplines. It is therefore important that many different groups of students participate in this study.

The survey is anonymous. This implies that no one can relate your answers back to you. We are obliged to store the results for 10 years. If you decide to participate, you give permission for this storage as well. The data will be stored at a protected server at Copenhagen University. Only researchers to the project have access to the data.

We would appreciate your participation very much.

Filling in the survey will take about 20 minutes.

On behalf of team INTEGRITY

Mariëtte van den Hoven

Universitair hoofddocent, Ethiek Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht