Guideline protests Universities of the Netherlands

On 14 May, a joint guideline (pdf in Dutch) of Universities of the Netherlands and Universities of Applied Sciences Netherlands for protests was published. With this, the same arrangements for protests apply at all universities and universities of applied sciences, although each university may articulate the arrangements differently in its own house and code of conduct rules.

Knowledge and critical voices are the beating heart of universities and universities of applied sciences. This includes debates, dialogues and the opportunity to protest. Peaceful conduct of protests is always pursued. Utrecht University also considers it important that everyone feels safe inside and outside university buildings. Therefore, house and conduct rules should be respected, also during protests.

The joint guideline states, among other things, that university administrators will not negotiate with people wearing face-covering clothing and that participants of protests may be asked to show their student, employee cards and/or identity documents. Occupying a building does not fall under protesting and is therefore not allowed. The same applies to spending the night in university buildings and on university grounds, including in tents.

Jouke de Vries, interim president of Universities of the Netherlands, stresses the importance of the right to demonstrate and protest. He also emphasizes the need for safety for all concerned, especially in times of conflict. De Vries, also on behalf of the administrators of Dutch universities, calls for continuous dialogue and the search for connection within the academic community.


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Interested to talk further? Or do you need help?

Utrecht University is committed to supporting everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by these events. We offer our students and employees support in this regard. If you are a student and are looking for information, advice or guidance, check the page Who to contact? to see who you can contact. Employees who are concerned can seek support from their manager and Staff Welfare Service (intranet, login required).