GSLS Master’s Supervisor and Course of the Year Awards 2024

GSLS Master’s Supervisor and Course of the Year Awards 2024

The GSLS community came together on January 25th to celebrate excellence in education, culminating in the presentation of the Master’s Supervisor and Course of the Year Awards. This Life Sciences seminar brought together students, supervisors, teachers and programme coordinators. The event featured an interestingkeynote lecture delivered by Marte Otter and Madelon Gijzel, representing the 'This is Us' team.

GSLS Master’s students were empowered to recognize and commend outstanding supervision by nominating their mentors. The award ceremony, presided over by GSLS director Prof. Harold van Rijen, showcased the meticulous deliberation of the jury, comprising Prof. van Rijen himself, student assessor Lindsey Janssens, associate professor Eric Kalkhoven, and the previous year's winner, PhD candidate Leanne de Jager.

The nominations revealed a profound appreciation from students for the personal touch in supervision, emphasizing its pivotal role in their academic journey. Emerging as the epitome of exemplary mentorship, the winner of the 2024 GSLS Master’s Supervisor of the Year award is Robine Janssen. The jury hailed her as an outstanding multiperspective supervisor, lauding her ability to guide students, foster a secure working environment, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Congratulations to Robine for this well-deserved recognition!

Robine Janssen with student who nominated her

In parallel, students had the opportunity to nominate courses for the coveted Course of the Year award. The GSLS Educational Committee meticulously considered nominations and course evaluations to identify the standout performers. Two courses emerged victorious in the 2024 edition: 'Career Orientation & Professionalisation,' despite its imminent discontinuation in its current format, received accolades for consistent outstanding feedback from students. The second award was conferred upon 'Concepts in Cancer Biology,' recognized for its role in nurturing critical thinking and sparking enthusiasm for the intricate and vital realm of cancer biology.

It is essential to acknowledge that all nominated course coordinators and supervisors are indeed winners, contributing significantly to the academic excellence within GSLS. This celebration not only honors the individual achievements but also underscores the collective commitment to fostering a dynamic and enriching educational environment in the school.

Previous and current coordinators Concepts in Cancer Biology
Coordinator Career Orientation & Professionalisation