Grant for your activity to tackle social corona backlogs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many students fell behind. This can be in terms of academic progress, but COVID-19 also had a significant impact on mental health. In addition, many students missed the connection with others and with the university. The National Education Programme (NPO) provides funding for initiatives that address these issues.

Call for proposals specifically for Humanities

During this Call for Proposals, the Subsidy Committee NPO Humanities welcomes proposals that focus on community activities. Do you have a good initiative in mind? Submit a proposal by Monday, 8 May at 17.00 at the latest. Please note that it is first come, first served! Below you will find all the conditions and procedures for a grant application.

Basic conditions for spending NPO resources

  • It must be an activity that contributes to the elimination and repair of backlogs or problems among students caused by the corona pandemic.
  • No application can be made for an (annually) recurring activity or an anniversary. The application concerns a one-off and unique activity.
  • There must be a substantive component to the activity with a clear link to the study programme, creating a connection between students and staff.
  • The money is not intended for activities that took place in the past.
  • There is a report by means of a limited formdesk form on how the money was spent, for how many students, the appreciation of the activity and the learning and development points.

Specific conditions for this Call

It must be:

  • a community activity with a clear link to the programme
  • an activity that has a clear content component  
  • an activity that takes place in calendar year 2023 
  • an activity with a minimum spending amount of 1000 euro
  • an activity with a maximum amount per student of 50 euros (this must be proportional to the content)

Information and procedure

  • Detailed faculty project plans can be submitted via the NPO Application Form GW.
  • The aim is that you receive a decisive answer within fourteen days after receiving the proposal, but sometimes this is not feasible.
  • We apply the principle of 'first come, first serve'. We therefore do not wait for a deadline, but inform the applicant as soon as it has been decided whether a proposal can be honoured.
  • The deadline for submitting applications is Monday 8 May at 5pm.
  • Make sure you send in your application only when you are sure it meets all conditions, also to avoid being rejected. 

Examples of previous activities

  • Alumni meeting with content programme
  • An activity to jointly write theses
  • An excursion to Brussels to visit and talk to various European institutions, such as the European Parliament (EP), American Chamber of Commerce, Dutch Permanent Representation (PV).
  • A course-related quiz or visit to a relevant film (including debriefing)

Faculty subsidy committee

  • Martha Frederiks: Vice Dean Education
  • Cathelijne Habets: Board Secretary, Head of Education / Research Policy
  • Ivana Cerovecki: Team Leader Student Advisors
  • Chiara Stam: Faculty Student Assessor
  • Andrea van der Weiden: Head Educational Support and Student Affairs

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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