11 January 2021

GO-start your day!

From NO (Negative Opinion) to GO (Grabbing Opportunities)

New to the Faculty of Medicine: GO-start your day! Feel free to join in every Thursday at 9 am and discuss challenges, experiences and tips&tricks on studying from home with your fellow students. You can ask your own question or think along with and learn from others’, such as:

  • How do I keep motivated?
  • How do I create a proper studying routine and a supportive study environment?
  • How do I maintain focus and concentration?
  • How do I balance studying and private life?
  • How do I stay fit, both mentally and physically?
  • How do I I remain sufficiently socially engaged?
  • How do I handle stress?

Student coach Nynke Okma will supervise these sessions. They start at 9 o’clock in the morning and you can enter the meetings whenever you want.


The sessions will take place on the following dates:

Want to join?

The sessions will be hosted via Microsoft Teams; you can participate by entering z7rr8u5 or clicking this link.

Are you enthusiastic and/or do you think this is very useful, but can you never make it on Thursdays at 9 am? Email Nynke (c.r.okma@umcutrecht.nl) to let her know when you are available. We will then try to organise these sessions more often and/or at different times.