26 October 2017

Geosciences Teacher Awards: nominate your favorite teacher

Can't wait to get to class every day? You can nominate your favorite lecturer for the Teacher Awards Geosciences! These will be awarded -already for the seventh year in a row- at the beginning of January. The goal is to show appreciation for Geosciences lecturers for their merit in education.


There are two award categories: 

  1. The Teacher of the Year award: for lecturers who have academic teaching experience of more than five years.
  2. The Teacher Talent award: for lecturers with less than five years of experience teaching in an academic setting. 

The winners receive a check of € 1.500,- for work related matters, such as a study trip or books for example. The jury consists of the Vice-Dean Education, the Educational Managers and two student members of the Faculty Council.  

Let yourself be heard!

Nominate your favorite candidate to your student association. They will recommend the nominees.