6 January 2016

‘Geosciences more relevant than ever’

Two major developments in 2015 will be extremely relevant for the position in science and education of the Faculty of Geosciences, said Vice Dean for research Peter Driessen in his speech on the New Year’s meeting, 5 January. He spoke on behalf of Dean Piet Hoekstra, who couldn’t be present because of illness. Driessen referred to the Sustainable Development goals launched by the United Nations in September 2015 and the international climate conference in Paris at the end of the year. “Our major strategic theme of sustainabililty has become more relevant than ever.” He linked this to the research themes of the faculty: Healthy Urban Living; Water, Climate and Ecosystems; Future Energy and Resources; and Future Deltas.

New Bachelor programme

Utrecht University stimulates a direct link between research and teaching. The start of the new programme Global Sustainabiltiy Science in September 2016 is in that context no suprise. It is the first Bachelor programme of the faculty in English. Apart from this, the Graduate School of Geosciences will continue to invest in the Master programmes and the support of PhD’s, for instance with the new Career Services.

Teacher of the Year

Vice Dean for education Hans de Bresser presented after the speech of Peter Driessen the Teacher of the Year Awards.