Geosciences Lecturer Award Winners 2021: Ilse van Liempt and Anna Smits

On Thursday, May 12, the winners of the Teacher Awards were announced. Ilse van Liempt, lecturer in Human Geography and Spatial Planning, won the prize Lecturer of the Year. Anna Smits, also lecturer in Human Geography and Spatial Planning, received the prize Lecturer Talent of the Year. The jury chose these lecturers as winners because of their visions on education and degree of educational innovation. What stood out for both of them was their broad teaching experience and commitment to their students.

Winner Lecturer of the Year: Ilse van Liempt (HGSP)

Foto van Ilse van Liempt, docent van het jaar 2021
Ilse van Liempt

Ilse is constantly innovating in her courses to keep her students involved in the material. She makes her lectures even more interesting by always drawing links to real-world applications. One of Ilse’s unique characteristics is that she stays involved with many of her students from the start of their studies to the end, because she teaches both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses. That allows Ilse to form a bond with her students and watch them grow over the years.

Winner Lecturer Talent of the Year: Anna Smits (HGSP)

Foto van Anna Smits, docent van het jaar 2021
Anna Smits

Anna creates a varied curriculum to enable every student to bring out the best in themselves. Her lectures are full of different elements: from a debate to an online quiz or a creative assignment that students are free to design themselves. That variation gives every student energy and the opportunity to learn in the manner best suited to them. Anna is highly involved in the study programme, for example as a member of the study programme committee and several education pilot projects.