19 February 2020

From mid-March, we will separate plastic, metal and drinks cartons at USP

Pictogrammen afvalstromen vanaf maart 2020

In a number of university buildings, waste has been collected separately for some time. Although we will continue to do so, a few things will change. From mid-March onwards, you will need to separate plastic, metal and drinks cartons (PMD) instead of just plastic waste in the buildings on Utrecht Science Park and the ICU grounds. In many municipalities, this has been the case for some time. As a result of a change in legislation, other organisations can now also collect PMD.  

Which waste streams do we separate?

Separate waste collection facilities include separate bins for clean and dry paper, cups, organic waste (vegetable, fruit and garden waste), general waste and also for PMD from mid-March onwards. Stickers with pictograms on the waste collection bins tell you what goes where. For example, sandwich packaging goes into the general waste and empty cups into the special container for cups. In the PMD bin, you will soon put your plastic waste, soft drinks cans, drinks cartons, caps, lids, crown caps, aluminium trays and containers. 

Several buildings have separate waste collection facilities. From mid-March, you will be putting your PMD waste in the current plastic waste bins here. For the time being, nothing will change in buildings that do not currently have separate waste collection facilities.

No PMD in the city centre yet

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to separate PMD in the buildings in the city centre. There are municipal regulations on requirements for lorries in the city centre. Renewi's trucks do not meet these requirements. We are looking at how we can dispose of the PMD.

Why do we separate waste?

Separate waste collection ties in perfectly with the university's sustainability ambitions to be CO2 neutral by 2030. Utrecht University aims to reduce the amount of residual waste it produces to 0% by 2030. It will help us to achieve our aim if cans and drinks cartons are not put into the residual waste but are permitted in PMD. The better we separate waste, the more waste we can reuse and recycle and the less residual waste will need to be incinerated. Better separation means lower CO2 emissions.

Would you like more information about waste?

Consult www.uu.nl/waste.