7 January 2019

From beginning of February: no more bottled water in vending machines

Waterflesjes in frisdrankautomaat

From the beginning of February 2019 you will no longer find bottled water in the vending machines in the university buildings. Because we have excellent tap water in the Netherlands, Utrecht University finds these bottles unnecessary. The university wants to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by the university. Using less plastic means less waste and less CO2 emissions. This is in line with UU's ambition to be CO2 neutral by 2030.

BOGO bottle instead of bottled water

Where can you get drinking water? Fill your own drinking bottle at a tap or at a coffee machine with free, chilled water. Or buy a BOGO (Buy One Give One) bottle from Join the Pipe for € 4.95 from the vending machine. For each bottle that is sold, a bottle is donated to a school child in a developing country.

Bogo bottles in the vending machines are filled with tap water to ensure they have enough weight to drop properly. You can refill the bottle with tap water. The bottle is BPA free, dishwasher proof and is produced in the Netherlands.

One of the demands in tender

Utrecht University had already included in the tender for the vending machines  that the bottled water would disappear from these machines. The Facilities Service Center and MAAS have chosen to realise this now.

Bottled water in company restaurants and at lunches

Since 2018, Sodexo has been supplying the water for lunches mainly in glass carafes and as little as possible in plastic bottles. From 1 February, Sodexo will sell fewer plastic water bottles in the company restaurants. Instead, the caterer will sell refillable bottles and clearly indicate to the guests that this is a more sustainable alternative for a plastic water bottle. Sodexo will also investigate why guests buy bottled water instead of reusable bottles.

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