From 1 November, access for guest users of Microsoft Office 365 will change

From 1 November 2022, access for Microsoft Office 365 (including Teams and Sharepoint) for guest users (people without a Solis ID) will automatically expire if the person has been inactive for more than ninety days. Previously this was thirteen months, but this is being tightened for security reasons. These Office 365 guest users will receive an e-mail notification from the ICT Service Desk ten days in advance and can renew their access to Office 365 by logging in again.

Unopened invitation will be withdrawn after 30 days

In addition, an unopened invitation is automatically withdrawn after 30 days. This applies to externals without a Solis ID who have been invited but have never logged into Utrecht University's Office 365 environment. These changes will be implemented over a two-week period. No data will be lost in the process.

Re-applying for guest access remains possible

UU staff or students can grant a guest user access again using the existing procedure. The guest user will then receive another invitation e-mail. You can provide the instructions for logging in again and setting up multi-factor authentication in advance.

What are guest users?

In Microsoft Office 365 you can also add external people - besides colleagues and students at UU - to your Teams or SharePoint site based on an email address. Often these are email addresses from other educational institutions or private email addresses. You can also share files from OneDrive and SharePoint with externals. These externals are also known as Office 365 guest users.


If you have questions, please contact Rosanne den Hartog.

Switch on Security!

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