12 March 2018

Four/five weeks courses at Sportcentrum Olympos

From Monday 19 March  we will start with new 4/5 weeks courses start at Olympos. The registration for the courses climbing at Kalymnos and strength sports at Kratistos starts on Monday 5 March.

Climbing toprope course: € 10 + OlymPas

The first step in your climbing career is to take the Indoor top rope beginners' course. This course will teach you the basic principles of sport climbing.

More information & register.

Free weights course: free with OlymPas

In this course, you will learn the basics of practising with free weights in a small group. If you do not yet have any experience in weight training and you wish to take it up in a responsible and effective way in the strength sports gym, this course is a must. 

More information & register.

Free introductory lesson strength sports: free with OlymPas

Do you want to learn more about strength sports, but not (yet) want to follow a course? Then register for a 1 hour free introductory lesson strenght sports at Kratistos.

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