20 February 2020

First temporary student housing units in place

Bouwvakkers aan het werk rond een betonnen constructie van een studentenwoning.

Utrecht University is making every effort to help solve the student accommodation shortage, despite the fact that the university itself is not a housing provider. Camelot Europe has therefore teamed up with Jan Snel B.V. to add some 400 temporary student residences at Utrecht Science Park. On Wednesday, 19 February, the first units of the temporary student housing project were placed in the field to the south of the Androclus Building. Over the next seven weeks, 16 housing units will be transported to the site each day. The first units are expected to be completed at the end of April. The building will be completely finished in June and will remain in place for 15 years.

Ready-made accommodation

The housing units are all but ready for use once they arrive at Utrecht Science Park. The contractor prefabricates these units in its factory. First, the concrete floors are made. Then, the walls, ceiling and façade are placed on the floor, followed by the stucco work and the installation of the flooring, bathroom and kitchen. Finally, the contractor protects the units with a wind- and waterproof cover for storage and transport.

Camelot to provide furniture

The units will be stacked and connected to the facilities on site. Roofing will be installed on the top floor and the façades will be finished with cladding panels. Camelot will provide the furniture and upholstery. All residents will receive a set of household goods.

More information

If you would like to know more about the new student residences, please contact Real Estate & Campus Communications. They will be happy to help you.

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Contact person: Michèle Sanders

Een fabriekshal met daarin een rij woonunits in aanbouw.
Some of the units at the factory.