1 October 2018

First meeting of the University Council 2017-2018 with Executive Board

Universiteitsraad 2018-2019

The University Council had the first meeting of the academic year with the Executive Board (CvB) on September 24th. Twelve new student members and one staff member wereinstalled. The following topics were discussed during the meeting: points of attention of the new University Council, the financial report on the second quarter of 2018 and budget decisions after the determination of the framework letter.

Announcements of the Executive Board

The board is very disappointed in the budget cuts in higher education that were announced at  Budget Day (Prinsjesdag) and the effects they will have on Utrecht University. The board sees this as a disappointing signal from the government.

Points of attention of University Council 2018-2019

This year, the University Council will be focusing on student-wellbeing and staff workload, developments in education and digitization, proper facilities for internationalization, the diversity policy, our environmental effects projects, USP/the Uithof, student life and participation, and employee participation.


The council consents to the Q2-report, except for one issue. Here, the board suggested to spend additional money on overdue maintenance at Real Estate and Campus (V&C), while it already has positive prognosis. The council understands the necessity of maintenance, but regards itself insufficiently informed on this decision. The board agrees to delay this decision to the report of the third quarter of 2018.

Budget decisions after the determination of the framework letter 2019

After the determination of the framework letter 2019 the board suggested some budget mutations. The council consented to this.

Questions for the Executive Board

After some questions of the council the board stated that it is busy with specific plans for a university-wide smoking policy, an improvement of studyspot and as soon as possible a message on intranet about the functionary on data protection together with a page on the jurisdictions.