First-generation students: University Pioneers Community

First-Generation students initiative: University Pioneers Community

First-generation students are pioneers. On their own, they bridge gaps and bring worlds together in the process. University Pioneers is a community of Utrecht University intended for students who are among the first in their families to enter higher education.

The typical first-generation student does not exist. That is why we are launching UP-Community. For and by people who are or have been first-generation students with offerings that take into account the diversity among first-generation students.


Students are in control

Everyone is different and has different needs. First-generation students can choose which offerings they want to take advantage of or not. For example, you can have a mentor or just attend activities. Nothing is mandatory. You do not become a participant, but a member of the community.  We offer you the network and development opportunities. We also make visible the unwritten rules that often unintentionally prevail at the university. So you too can get the most out of their studies. Further good to know:

- Membership is free

- There is no obligation to attend

- Membership at UP is easy to combine with membership in a student or study association


You can register here:


Financial Support

Since this year, the First Generation Fund is also open for applications. This is where first-generation students can apply when they need money for a study trip, laptop or textbooks, for example. You can apply quite easily here: