28 March 2018

Final response rate - National Student Survey week 8

The final response rate for the National Student Survey of 2018 is known! This year the response rate was 33.5%, about 5% less than last year (38.4%). Unfortunately, the response rate of our faculty is below the UU-wide response.

Respons NSE 2018 - score per faculteit eindstand week 8

Utrecht University will use the results of the National Student Survey (NSE) to improve the quality of education. Based on the results of previous years, a lot of improvemens have been made:

  • In 2016/2017, the faculty introduced an improvement in scheduling. This allows to share schedules earlier with students, and to generate personal schedules. This year, a new round of improvements will be introduced;
  • The availability of study areas and workplaces will increase with the completion of the Minaert Building in the second semester;
  • Essential is communication about the availability of rooms . Therefore, the faculty will also focus on better reporting in 2017/2018;
  • Students from various study programs in both bachelor and master phase criticized the (limited) possibility of conducting research and/or hands-on guidance during their research internship. In the factsheets the involved program directors announced to address this issue next year.
  • Outcomes and actions resulting from evaluations will be better communicated. For example via factsheets and study programme sheets;
  • Because results indicated dissatisfaction about the study choice counceling, work is currently being done to create visible study paths for prospective master students.
  • There will be more attention for a sufficient and high quality supply of projects and internships and better support in finding an internship;
  • Because you indicated that the careers orientation in the study programme could be improved, the collaboration with Career Services is improved.