Festival Europa

European Parliament elections

Do you already know what you will vote in the European Parliament elections? Festival Europa, organised by Utrecht University, offers the perfect preparation for these elections!

We will enter into dialogue from a scientific, cultural and political angle, supported by debate, music, lectures and literature to increase awareness about the role and values of the EU among European citizens. There will be a party leaders debate and De Kiesmannen will perform 'De Grote Europashow'. There will also be keynote speakers on important election themes, Ted Talks by scientists, and presentations by various artists. Together we will reflect on the best possible future for Europe and its citizens. Everyone is welcome at the monumental Neude Library in Utrecht, on Friday, May 31st, from 4:00 to 11:00 pm. You can find the full programme at https://www.uu.nl/organisatie/festival-europa. Please be aware that the programme will be mainly in Dutch. Admission is free, but please register via the website.

Do you want to prepare even better for the elections? Register on Together.eu and cast your vote in the European Parliament elections on Thursday, June 6!