Faculty Council Elections: view the list of student candidates

From Monday 8 May to Wednesday 10 May, you can vote for the students members of the faculty council for next academic year. Below you cn find a list of all the electable candidates for each department of the LEG Faculty.

The LEG Faculty is divided into three districts, each representing a different department of the faculty. In the Economics district, there were as many candidates as there are seats on the council. Therefore, these candidates were instantly elected. These candidates are J.M.J. (Asia) Jaromin, M.P. (Michal) Ponganis (Lijst ECU'92) en M.C. (Candela) Milikowsky (Lijst VUUR). 

It is still possible for U.S.E. students to vote on a candidate from another district. 

All UU staff and students will receive an email from the central polling station on the day of the elections about how to vote. 

Electable students at the School of Governance

Lijst VUUR:

Al Hashish, O. (Osama)
Waterval, J.M. (Julia)

Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap:

Maljers, M.H. (Meike)
Van der Zande,  A.S.C. (Aniek)
Klop, B. (Bram)

Electable students at the School of Law

Lijst JSVU:

Pladet, I. (Isabelle)
Verburg, D.P.J. (Duco)
Van de Kerk, A.C. (Bram)
Griep, D. (Daan)
Hak A.H.W. (Anouk)

Lijst VUUR:

Visser, E.L. (Elvira)
Ergolu, A. (Açelya)
Knipscheer, S. (Sten)
Nafzger, L. (Luca)
Wagenmakers, H.S. (Hugo)