7 March 2019

Extra meeting University Council and Executive Board about quality agreements

Universiteitsraad 2018-2019

On 11 March an extra meeting of the University Council and Executive Board takes place. This meeting entirely focusses on the quality agreements (use of study advance funds to improve the quality of education). The University Council has the right of consent on the plan that will be send to the NVAO (Dutch – Flemish Accreditation Organisation). Do you want to be present at the meeting and hear what the Council and the Board discuss? Then come to room M2.01 of the David de Wied building on the 11th of March from 13.00 o clock. Afterwards, at 14:00 o clock there will be cake.

For whom?

All UU students and staff that are enthusiastic about the activities of the University Council may be present at the meeting. You can attend the meeting, but can’t participate. You can hear and see what is going on and how the Council represents your interests. If you have a question for a council member please contact them before the meeting. We are interested to hear about your thoughts.

Report on this website

Are you not able to attend the meeting? No problem: you can find a short report on the this website after the meeting. Also keep an eye on the Facebook page of the University Council.

Do you want to think along? Raise your voice!

Of course, the University Council is always interested in good ideas from students and employees. Let yourself be heard! Mail to studentenuraad@uu.nl with all your questions or ideas.

Meetings with Executive Board

The University Council meets with the Executive Board six times a year. All 24 members of the council (staff members and student members) are present.