Expiration date for new Teams meeting recordings

From Friday February 10th at 11 pm every new Teams meeting recording will have an expiration date. The default expiration time will be set to 365 days.  

The owner of the recording can change the expiration date. When the recording is opened from the Teams meeting chat you’ll see the expiration date below the video on the left. You can click on it and then you can indicate when the recording should expire or not expire at all. 

The owner of a recording is determined by the type of recording.  

There are two possibilities: 

  1. If it’s a recording of a meeting that was scheduled in a Teams channel, the team owners are the owners of the video. 
  2. If it’s a recording of a separate meeting that was scheduled via the Outlook or Teams calendar, the owner is the person who started the recording during the meeting. 

If a video is deleted on the expiration date a notification email is automatically sent to the owner. If desired the owner has 90 days to restore the video from the recycle bin. After those 90 days the video is deleted permanently. 

The change applies only to new recordings. Existing recordings will not expire. However, an expiration date can be set manually for existing recordings. 

Please note! In the future the default expiration date will be set to 30 days for recordings started by students, student employees and UMCU teachers who have a UU Teams license. Also in these cases the expiration date can always be modified manually by the owner of the recording. At this time it’s unknown when this restriction will be applied. As soon as this is known, it will be communicated.