5 February 2019

Experience Utrecht like never before: UU presents new VR video

A film where you can watch all there is to see in Utrecht as well as various research projects from Utrecht University has now been released. The video producers from UtrechtVideo, in collaboration with Utrecht University, worked together to make a Virtual-Reality (VR) video - the ultimate postcard of the university city Utrecht.

During the film you fly over the canals of 'de Munt', cycle under the Dom and from there you wizz around the city-centre's canals. After all that you can watch researchers from Utrecht University at the Utrecht Science Park as they explain their contribution to society's challenges from a diverse range of work stations. 

Utrecht University sees the video as a nice chance for prospective students to get an impression of life in Utrecht; in addition to the ways in which UU researchers drive innovation to produce a better future for society. 

There is no need for VR glasses if you want to watch the film; you can also find the film on YouTube and Facebook. On a desktop or laptop you can use your mouse to get a 360 degree perspective in the video. On a smartphone you can simply move your phone to change the direction of your perspective.

Visitors to Utrecht University's Bachelor Open Day will be able to see the film on Saturday 16th March in 360, with the help of 3D glasses, in the Educatorium (Utrecht Science Park).