4 October 2018

Safety week: 8 - 14 October 2018

Emergency? Call 030-253 4444

Is there an emergency such as a fire, an accident or theft? Do you need help urgently? Then call the Control Room of Utrecht University via +31 (0) 30-253 44 44. This number is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why should you call 030-253 4444 and not 112?

You should call the Control Room in case of an emergency because:

  • the employees know the UU buildings far better than the emergency services do.
  • the Control Room can call the in-house emergency officers and first-aid helpers so that someone can help at the scene quickly.
  • the Control Room determines whether it is necessary to call the police, fire brigade or an ambulance.

Watch a video clip for more information about what to do in case of an emergency.  

What to do when the matter is less urgent?

For less urgent matters, for example if you have seen something suspicious, call 030-253 1300.

Safety first

Safety Week

The National Safety Week will be held from 8-14 October. Utrecht University participates in this because the topic is important, and wishes to make employees and students aware that everyone has a role in ensuring a safe work and study environment. Safety first!