Elections results for the LEG Faculty Council

Following the elections last week, the student members representing the three departments of the LEG Faculty have been elected into the faculty council starting next academic year. 

You can find the complete election report in this document (pdf).

List VSP (District Governance & Organisation) (3 seats)

  1. Hospers, S.F. (Sven)
  2. Opdam, L.L.B.A. (Lloyd)
  3. Van Breukelen, F. (Frank)

List ECU’92 (District Economy) (3 seats)

  1. Findt, M.E.I. (Mia)
  2. Vavrik Felisberto, D.J. (David Jose)
  3. Heirbaut, R.H. (Rina)

List JSVU (District Law) (3 seats)

  1. Verburg, D.P.J. (Duco)
  2. Commissaris, M.J. (Maebel)
  3. Verhoeven, S.M.R. (Sophia)

List VSP (District Law) (1 seat)

  1. Vianen, M. (Manon)