Elections Faculty Council Geosciences 2023

The elections for the  Faculty Council will take place from 8 to 10 May 2023. In order to hold proper elections, we need candidates! The Faculty Board invites motivated students to put themselves forward as a candidate to join the discussions on faculty-related issues that form the focus of our strategy. What about you?

When are the elections?

The Election Committee of the Faculty of Geosciences organizes  the annual elections for the Faculty Council Geosciences. The next election is from 8 to 10 May 2023 (election time table 2023).

What does the Faculty Council do?

As a member of the Faculty Council you will have the opportunity to protect the students’ and staff’s interest and to advise the Faculty Board upon their request and on the council’s own initiative.
Student members are elected for a term of 1 year (1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024).
Staff will be elected for a term of two years (1 September 2023 to 31 August 2025).
For students, this is a paid administrative position for a year. Students will be a member of the student section of the Faculty Council and will work as a council member for 6 hours a week.

Who can become a member?

Any Geoscience student can become a member of the Faculty Council. It is preferable to have at least a passive knowledge of the Dutch language.

How many seats are available?

The student section and staff section of the Faculty Council both comprise 8 seats (total 16 seats).

How to put yourself forward as candidate?

You can either join an existing list of candidates or start your own list.

  • For joining an existing list of candidates, (for students) contact the students of the Faculty Council Lenka van Amerongen and Anne Behnen by 27 March 2023. They will conduct interviews with all candidates and draw up the candidate lists by 3 April at the latest, and submit the lists to the election committee.
  • For starting your own list you need at least 20 signatures from other students or staff to support your list. Submit your list to the secretary of the election committee by 6 April at the latest.

Note: The position on the list of candidates determines the chance of being elected. See electoral rules, Article 13. Therefore, consult Lenka, Silvia and the other candidates about the order of the candidates on the list.

The forms can be signed digitally (see Validsign instruction). Make sure that the properly signed forms are submitted to Leonie van Bladel, before Thursday 6 April, 17.00 hours (Vening Meinesz Building A, room 5.96).

Election Committee

The election committee, who is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the election, consists of the following members:

More information?

Do you have further questions about the Faculty Council elections or do you want to know more about the candidacy procedure, contact Leonie van Bladel
For information on the Council please contact the chair of the student delegation (Lenka van Amerongen en Silvia Seixas Lopes).

Practical information