9 April 2020

Elections Faculty Council 2020

Election students seats 2020: online and digitally

Students of the Faculty of Science are heard in faculty matters and help to direct the strategy of the faculty. They can also apply for the Student Section of the Faculty Council (FR) of Science.
Due to circumstances concerning Corona, the elections will be held online and digitally this year.

How do I stand for election?

Every student can apply and every student can vote, provided he/she appears in the electoral register. You can check this at www.uu.nl/stem.
The application period for nomination has been extended to May 7, 2020. For lists that have not yet submitted anything, we have made an adjusted application form.

Since it not possible to collect signatures these days, candidates on a new list will approach supporters online. If students wish to support, they should send a short message from their UU email address to the party leader stating that they support List X of district Y. The candidates collect and submit the data on the support list along with the supporters' emails, before May 7.

Disclosure candidate lists

On 11 May candidates will hear whether their list has been approved. If necessary, they are given a few days to fix omissions. On May 18 at 9 a.m. there will be a public meeting through Microsoft Teams where the lists will be announced.

Online elections

The elections will take place online, from June 2 to 4. As usual, after Pentecost. The results will be announced on June 5 2020. More information about the online voting and the results will follow.

More information

You can find the complete schedule of the elections and the nomination forms on the elections website. For questions to the election committee, you can email to Science.verkiezingen@uu.nl.